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I think that I do a first-class job for my clients, but don't just take my word for it! Read my letters of recommendation, and see what my customers are saying about me and the service that I provide. You can also learn more about me and my work from a past feature newspaper article.

It is my honor and pleasure to write this endorsement in support of Francois Doucette. I've had the privilege of knowing him for 33 years and engaged him exclusively for tuning and servicing various pianos that I have owned and/or used for my concerts in Northern Nevada. Francois is the finest piano technician I have encountered. He has keen eyes and ears for details and works his craft to perfection. His concert preparations are legendary as he always ensures the instrument is ready to the exact specifications of the artist. He is always up to date with the latest trends and practices in the world of piano servicing. He will asses your instruments needs and work with you to get it to the desired result which renderes an instrumental sound of the highest quality. I also have the honor of knowing Francois in friendship over the years. In addition to being a warm and pleasant person, he is a man of integrity in all areas. I highly recommend him to provide you or your company any piano tuning or technical services. You will not be disappointed.

Allan Fuller
Concert Pianist & Teacher

It is my great pleasure and honor to write a letter of recommendation for Francois Doucette as a Master piano tuner and technician.

Francois has worked for me since 1993, and has consistently shown himself and his work to be of the very highest professional caliber.

His ability to tune any piano in a way that shows the instrument in it's best light, or to tune in accordance with any wishes expressed by me is extraordinary.

His knowledge of voicing is superb, and his understanding and care for the mechanism of the instrument (regulation) is profound. he can regulate to any standard or request, and likewise can voice any piano in a way that brings out the best in the instrument, or to the clients desires (within reason).

I am a classically trained concert pianist, and have given solo concerts throughout the USA and Europe, and also made recordings. I am acquainted with and on good terms with several of the finest piano manufactureres in Europe today.

Over the years I have known Francois, he has serviced my personal instruments as well as prepared instruments for concerts given by me. The brand names of the grand and upright pianos he has worked on for me include Baldwin, Bluthner, Mason and Hamlin, Steingraeber, Steinway, and Yamaha.

He is currently employed by me to care for six fine instruments, and I would not easily trust this job to anyone else.

He is honest, prompt, reliable in keeping appointments and has an appropriate professional demeanor.

I can give Francois Doucette my highest recommendation as a tuner and technician.

If you have any questions, I would happy to address them: my home phone is (775) 265-7199

Respectfully yours,
Mr. Milus Scruggs

Francois' work has always been outstanding for a few decades. He is very dependable and always flexible in working around whatever scheduling challenges we may have.

Brian Chandler/Entertainment Technical Supervisor
Harrah's and Harveys
Lake Tahoe

I have known Francois E. Doucette since 1971. (But He'll always be "Frenchy" to me.) In that time he has steadily built up a healthy piano tuning and guitar repair business.

I have been tuning pianos and playing piano in the show orchestras at Harrah's and the Sahara at Lake Tahoe since 1962. My tuning business rapidly built up to the point I couldn't handle it all. After disappointing experiences with two other Piano Technicians. Frenchy showed up and proved to be the man I was looking for. I turned the Sahara account over to him, and he has done a splendid job. Now we work together and call on each other's services repeatedly. I sup-contract a good portion of my club tuning work to Frenchy and also recommend him to my outside customers - old and new - when I'm swamped. In nine years I've never had a complaint on his tuning - which is an excellent record. He has demonstrated his dependability and competence consistently.

I am at retirement age (66) but am not quite ready to make that move. But when I do, Frenchy will fall into all my tuning work as I will be leaving the area. He's young enough and eager enough to handle the extra work.

One more observation on the business Frenchy and I are engaged in: Once a Piano Technician establishes a reputation for quality work in a given area, it's his for as long as he wants it. People keep calling back for good work!

If you desire any further information, just drop me a note and I will oblige if I can.

Albert H. Sutton

"Francois has been taking care of my Baldwin M grand piano for almost 20 years. It gets a lot of 'mileage' since I teach about 40 students each week! He has done everything from revamping the action to regular tunings and all the maintenance in between. I love the way he takes care of my piano AND my students love the way my piano feels and sounds.

I consistently refer my students to him, and they always report that they are happy with his service and expertise in taking care of their pianos. I also appreciate how he knows the market for used pianos, and can be counted on to examine a piano before purchase, or be utilized as a consultant to find a new or used instrument!

I appreciate Francois so much that I have nicknamed him 'Magic Man.' I do believe he has the magic touch for taking care of pianos!"

Elaine C.
Piano Instructor
Incline Village, NV

"My piano is my most treasured possession. I am quite comfortable having Francois Doucette work on it. He has my complete trust, and that is a necessity when dealing with an expensive and important musical instrument."

Kathleen L.
Piano Instructor

Contact me in Reno, Nevada, for the attention to detail that only a piano technician with more than 40 years of experience can provide.